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  1. This was really interesting thanks for all your research and hard work!

  2. This is for the benefit of a dear friend I’m trying to convince that sleeping late might cause health problems. Although I’m not doing it myself due to demanding online jobs, but if possible I retire to bed before midnight. Thanks!


  4. neha

    is there any pill by which we can sleep for a less time. Because i sleep very late around 3 and get up at 12. As i am a student and i have my exams going on i sleep late and i try to get up early but i just can’t. What do i do

  5. @ Neha
    Unless you can work on your schedule, don’t worry about it, your exams will pass. 😉

  6. Kevin

    First of all, when they say scientists/ experts generally agree that your body starts to detoxify at midnight, it isn’t exclusively independent on how many hours you sleep but when you sleep due to the information of the light/dark cycle which is transmitted from the retina to the paired suprachiasmatic nuclei in the hypothalamus.

    The witching hours comment is interesting, and yes it is possible. Hallucinations due to sleeplessness and thus seeing ghosts from the corner of your eye, for example is due to the fight or flight response system keeping you on your toes, and misfiring of your rods in your eye cause this. It isn’t really a “spiritual standpoint” at all. It’s scientific when you take an observation and try to explain it with facts.

    There is no evidence to suggest that moon phases affect us in anyway. The position of the moon and when and where we sleep according to it (via astrology) is complete hoopla. And ” “modern” society” has “cast off” this idea for a reason. Just because it’s thousands of years old does not mean it has some sort of legitimacy. Interesting thing to think about: where was humanity as a civilization thousands of years ago? Hoe much more do we know about the world compared to “thousands of years ago”? It’s the very reason we know about cortisol and anything about medical science in the first place that it has been “cast off”

    Aside from the established scientific research, from my experience of sleeping at 3-4AM over a very long time (a couple months), I’ve developed stomach ulcers, bad breath, acid reflux, and all around malaise. I’m very aware and sensitive of my body and the complex system that is your body, every little thing counts. Take care of it!

    -22, ucla BSc neuroscience

  7. @ Kevin
    Thanks for your input, and sharing your experiences.

  8. Justine

    i have been sleeping 11pm-3am but mostly 11-12:45am bcoz of computer. I wake up at about 10am-12pm, i’m 16. 10-11hrs. of sleep though. I hate my eyebags,it’s dark & have small bags under my eye bags. does it relate to my staying late at night? yes,i have eyebags since elem. but not this dark under it.. help me work this out. thanks 4 d article!

  9. Justine

    just this summer & when school–>for heavy projects & assignments to work on

  10. @ Justine
    Do you have any stuffy nose, especially in the morning? I think your sleep timing seems quite ok from what you tell me. Eyebags can be made worse by stress from overwork and sleeping late/getting up late. I found some natural remedies here.

  11. caron

    I hardly ever get to bed before 3 a.m. . I have been like this for years. I get up about 8 a.m. I have tried going to sleep earlier but find I feel better on less sleep

  12. caron

    why do I feel better on less sleep?

  13. @ Caron

    I think you just might be the rare exception. There are such people. Some famous people that I know of, also got by on very little sleep each night.

  14. Yizheng

    I used to live by a quote — Sleeping is a waste of time . But , after reading , I think i would rather waste that 8 hours. Thanks

  15. Recover

    Good stuf , I liked reading it descibed my sleeping habit , of the past …. 7 or 8 years, I hate to think of it , I can’t control my thinking easily and easily overreact thing’s , and that made my insomnia, also that felt of sleepiness and BAD memory , effets life.

  16. Wes

    Interesting article for sure… I sleep REALLY late, I’ve been told many times its bad and now after reading this article I actually want to sleep early.
    But I’ve been sleeping late for so long now that I don’t know where to start changing?!?… I did try before sleeping around 10pm or 11pm when I was actually tired (Coz I did extra exercise during the day) but then my body would wake up around 2am and I wouldn’t be able to go to bed because my body thinks its a nap… I generally sleep around 5am and wake up like 12pm…
    Any suggestions? (My email is subticsasuke :(

  17. Alex

    Thanks for the article i will try to sleep earlier.

    But ive been sleep like fucking hella late like im talking about like 5am in the morning i cant seem to snap out of it ive been like this for a couple of months now i dont really relize that it gets so late sometimes but i dont usaully go to sleep until 4 or 5am at night then wake up the next morning at 12 or 2 pm.

    Im pretty sure my body is fucked tbh in feel like shit when i wake up i get so light headed that i can barley stand i feel like im high as fuck sometimes when im just sitting there my body temputure changeds rapidly like 2 days ago i wus watching tv and i grabbed my blanket cause i wus cold then all of sudden my body started to burn up and i started getting light headed i tried to stand up to go look in the mirror and my lips were white and blue idk if this is cause im not sleep right or what but i wish it would stop my body is to use to going to sleep at 5 am it wont let me go to sleep at 12 or 10 pm some kind of normal time it simply refuses. hopefully i can try and change the way i go to sleep tonight b4 something really happens to my health.

  18. Atenas

    I have been trying to sleep early but I just cant sometimes I dont even sleep at all untill the next day really late again. this article really helped I have to try to sleep now. Thanxx:)

  19. Atenas

    I tried going to sleep early last week and found my self waking up around 12 or 1 in the morning and couldnt get back to sleep. Why is that?

  20. @ Atenas

    There are many reasons why, but I think one possible reason is because your body clock is still not adjusted to your change of sleep time. It normally takes a while to adjust. Once you get used to sleeping earlier, your sleep cycle will adjust itself out.

  21. Casey

    After reading this article, I am definitely going to try my best to sleep earlier. I’ve been sleeping at 6-7 AM lately. Here’s one of my issues, I work really late (until 11 PM), so I could still manage sleeping by the time I get home (around 11:30 PM). Here’s my problem, I get a jolt of energy it seems at night and also my mind “wakes up” and wants to do things. What do you suggest regarding this? I don’t have caffeine late at night or anything, but it happens a lot this jolt of energy. Do you have any suggestions on how to go about sleeping earlier? I’m sure you wrote that so much you probably have a script. If so, please help! I would like some suggestions as you have written a good article. One more thing, sometimes I stay up longer cause I get scared of ghosts at night interestingly enough. When it starts to show light outside, I sleep better cause I’m no longer afraid. Please help. Thanks!

  22. Hi Casey,

    Sleeping at 6 or 7 am when it’s practically morning, seems pretty extreme :) You sound a lot like this close relation of mine too. She wasn’t always this way, but developed this odd sleep pattern during her thirties. Maybe you “could” be having some kind of delayed sleep syndrome there (or the beginnings of it). In which case, I’d suggest seeing a sleep doctor for it. But then again, your job starts in the afternoon, right? It could be your body adjusting to this schedule. Much depends on how you feel. Do you only begin to feel sleepy when it’s near dawn? As for ghosts, would having a religious item (it depends on your beliefs) around you help psychologically? Another suggestion I can make is having a bolster or blanket around you. I’m not really affected by the fear of ghosts, although at times I remember getting spooked by watching horror shows at night, and having trouble sleeping later on. A bolster helped during those times 😉 Also, having some sleeping herbs that help to calm nerves (or melatonin) at hand, plus a sleep eye mask to “block” out the outside world, can be really handy…..

  23. Casey

    Thank you so much for your response. This sleeping syndrome you talk about, is that a good thing or bad? I’m actually surprised that someone else has this issue as pretty everyone I know (even acquaintances) all sleep more normal hours than me. I’ve noticed that I have been having mood swings here and there ever since I slept this way (probably answered my own question there). I think it’s more of a adjustment as you mentioned cause I tend to get sleep sometimes, but somehow, I end up on the Net or playing video games to the break of dawn. There are times when I’d sleep earlier and is able to stay asleep for the whole night. This is usually cause I’m totally beat from not having enough sleep the day before. I really want to sleep earlier after this reading this article, so I’m going to see about adjusting my sleep time (I didn’t last night, Internet, games, and work took over again). I will let you know how that goes. Thank you for the suggestion of the blanket and religious items in terms of ghosts. I will take those into consideration. I have cut out horror movies from my movie menu, so that helps a bit. One more thing I will have to add is, when I work out, I go after work. Is that also another reason for my hours you think?

  24. Hi Casey,

    I’ve written about this delayed sleep phase syndrome here. Your symptoms sound exactly like hers. And she also doesn’t really seem to be bothered by it, unless she goes a couple of nights without sleep at all. I’d suggest you try to tackle the problem now, rather than later, as this syndrome can be lifelong once it sets in. My family member is now in her early sixties, and been having this problem starting from her thirties. When she is really beat, she CAN sleep, it’s just when it’s “time” to sleep, she can’t. So she spends the night watching TV while everybody else is asleep. It’s good to cut out the horror movies from your menu; at least try not to watch them at night :) Also, I’d advise not working out at night, as that boosts your blood circulation and stress hormone levels (like adrenaline), which skews up your internal sleep cycle even more. All the best.

  25. Ann

    I am a night owl.. I have a big rental houses business and have to be on top of my work and totally on the go with blue tooth stuck to my ear all the time… even at dinner. i get alot of work done at night when it is quiet.. therefore for about 12 years i go to sleep around 3 am and get up around 10 … when I awaken i usually have about 10 messages and then i can go about all my meetings and tenant work.. i feel energetic cuz late at night i work on my list etc… i cannot afford to be sluggish at all in my business as i have many properties.. i must be full force… so this is my pattern. i feel great and energetic and eat right.. my family and friends think i am a little odd with this pattern however my friend who has 150 houses goes to sleep at the same time i do and we relax and watch movies to get our relaxation time ususally around 12 am.. this pattern has worked well for both of us…as we work like crazy but have an enjoyable life.. i think if you go to sleep late it does not have a bad effect at all. that is just me and my experience.. as long as you sleep at lease 7-8 hrs.. , are productive and take care of yourself.. that is just my opinion. 40 yr old..

  26. sid

    hii.this is sid…nd did actually i hv insomnia..never sleeps at night.nd dis cause bad health growth to me…my fb id is sinnersid@

  27. Suz

    Well, I’m a night owl and I want to change it so much! My Father’s side of the family are all night owls too. Could there be some heredity there? Even during my school years (I’m now 62) I was always late getting up or late to my first class. Then I worked in the music business for years, which included going to concerts at night for work.

    My whole life seems to have revolved around night events, and I sleep late. But, I have also lost a couple of regular jobs because I was late to work! I just can’t seem to sleep at night or get up in the morning. Could it be some kind of depression? Right now I’m going to bed at 2-3am, and getting up at 12pm or so. I don’t like it, cause I miss the day and don’t get things done as I’d like to.

    When I try to sleep earlier, I just toss and turn. I’ve just started taking a Melatonin sleep aid, but I also can’t seem to get myself to bed by 11pm. I feel like I’m missing something if I do. I work on the computer editing my photos for work, at night when it’s dark and I can see the pictures better on the computer.

    I want to change my sleep patterns, and I thank you for your article which I hope will help me.

  28. Hi Suz,
    There are many night owls who are like you who would also like to change. Unless it is a genuine sleeping disorder like DSPS, you CAN change. It does require big lifestyle changes on your part, and that is where it is difficult. It might be compared to kicking a vice, like a drinking habit. But on the bright side, good habits are also harder to change too :)

  29. DeeCee

    Could Alzheimers Disease be one consequence of not getting enough sleep over a long period?

  30. John

    why does sleeping late cause bad breath?
    when will the bad breath go away if you start sleeping early from tonight onwards?

  31. @ John
    Sleeping late is bad for the liver, and this in turn is one of the causes of bad breath, because the liver is stressed. According to eastern medical philosophies anyway. I do not know when the bad breath will go away, but sleeping early certainly helps the liver to function better, and recover. Did you know your liver performs hundreds of tasks in the background?

  32. Shahroz

    wow I’m gonna bookmark this page,and you picked up my illness in this article man.great job

  33. katrina canja

    wow .. im 16yrs old now and its 2am.. i think i better sleep now or else ill will not grow . thanks for the advise :)

  34. @ Katrina
    You will grow, but by sleeping late at your age, your growth could be hampered. Teens do need more sleep than adults.

  35. carmeyl

    ahmm this is also my problem…i dunno but i ain’t feeling of sleepiness during night ..and i tend to go to bed about 3AM onwards it’s like a habit already for me…:((((.. but i heavily sleep during daylight or every afternoon…huhu

  36. emmanuel

    i normally sleep btw 11pm/12am and wakes up 6am. Secondly i sleep like 30min-1:30m during the day time. I dont really do any exercise atal. Pls is there anything wrong with that considering that i dont do any exercise but sleeps alot.thanx. needs reply

  37. emmanuel

    am only 18 yrs

  38. @ emmanuel

    Your schedule looks fairly alright to me there, although having regular exercise can only be better. Having a daytime nap is good for you.

  39. marly

    if i sleep late at night does it have a possibility that i may not grow tall?

  40. @ Marly
    Growing tall or not is mostly to do with your genes, but also external factors to a certain extent. If you want to ensure that you do grow up well, sleeping early will help ensure that at least, you are meeting that requirement – on your part. :)

  41. I have a breathing probllem for about six months or so, is it the effect of sleeping late at night.i sleep at around 12 or ometimes 2 am.

  42. Rissalee

    I see no real problem in sleeping late providing you’re still able to get 7-8 hours of sleep. I work evenings and go to the gym really late at night (it’s nice that there’s no one around and I get the place to myself :P) and this usually results in me going to bed at 3 AM or later (often times 4 AM) which is VERY late. However, I sleep till around late morning/early afternoon and have no problem functioning this way. My bedroom is always quiet and dark so the issue of sunlight or noise disturbance is not a problem. I’m still able to get everything I want done in day done and I live a normal functioning life. So I think the article should be more geared towards indivudals not getting enough sleep rather then sleeping late. Cheers!

  43. toby


  44. For those who think they function properly and seems ok with sleeping late, it’s not. Our body will decrease in the production of many important hormones such as melatonin. And melatonin is not only something that helps induce sleep, it is something that is high in antioxidant (no wonder there’s such thing as “beauty sleep”) and muscle relaxant (not as much back pains or aches).

  45. shaikh

    I will definitely sleep early from now.

  46. Sam

    Wow… I often go to sleep at some very bad hours I must admit… I’ve been known to go to sleep at times like even 9, 10am before. These days it’s sometimes times like 5, 6am… wow though, this is an interesting read. I’m going to bed, lol. It’s now 12:33am.

  47. Sam

    I will try a lot harder from now on to get some much better sleeping time in.

  48. Tim

    I think it’s good to sleep early and wake early, however, it seems odd that for someone who gets equal amount of sleep a day would be less healthy than those who sleep earlier (relatively, if I may add).

    The argument on the position of the moon just seems unscientific to me. You don’t really need to be Neil Tyson DeGrasse to know that the moon is at different position at different places even to the same relative time. That is, if the moon is at position X relative to the ground at 3am in NY, it will NOT be at the same position relative to the ground at 3am in LA. Never mind if you are somewhere in China. Did you know Earth is tilted on an axis, caused by Moon? Did you know that our moon, called Moon, is at different positions to you every night at the same time? It moves and circle around Earth, it takes about 30 days for it to go around; they call it a month, it’s slightly behind every night.

    I would only think that the implication of waking up late, if you have the same amount of sleep, is in social interactions. If you never go outside all day, it would be the same regardless of when you wake up.

    If a person who sleeps at 4AM in the morning and wakes up at noon every single day, and eats 3 proper meals relative to his/her schedule, why would you say this person would be less healthy than those who sleep at 10PM and wakes at 6AM? For arguments sake, let’s say he moved to New York from India 5 years ago, which means, it’s not in his/her “gene” to sleep “early” relative to New York time; what do you think in this case?

    Last, I would like to say, I really think it’s ideal for people to sleep early and wake early because you tend to stick to a 3 meal routine and have regular interactions with the world. I think it’s beneficial to do so, just that I think this article states that the hour when one goes to sleep dictates how healthy (unhealthy) one is, has very little scientific proof but seems to imply so. I do agree on how much sleep you need a day. I have read articles that said people who sleep less are more successful, I don’t know if they are healthy though :D. I think the truth is: some successful people sleep less.

  49. @ Tim

    Actually, what you’re implying or stating is that you can ignore the cycles or internal clock of your body, which is possible, but not really a wise thing to be doing. Take a look at the natural world outside. The world has seasons, and cycles, and tides, and it abides by them. The female menstrual cycle also somehow seems affected by the moon cycles.

    Also, regarding 3 am or 3:30 am, there are also many true and honest accounts from people who find themselves waking up during those times at night. Exactly why, well….they simply do not know (and neither do I, but I don’t experience it myself). It’s one of those things that current science will probably never have an answer.

    Of course, trying to convince people like you I feel, is just simply unproductive at all, but a suggestion I can make is to try it out yourself. Go to bed late, and get up late, and VARY the time even further. Do this for 3-6 months and note any changes you experience. Are they positive or negative?

    God gave us all a free will, remember? :)

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