1. Me

    So…what was the other pill that you replaced Hydroxyzine with???

  2. I took a benzodiazepine….wouldn’t advise it for long term use though.

  3. That was a bold statement to say that herbs are always better. I’d venture so far as to say herbs are always WORSE.
    Who makes herbs for sale? Manufacturers not regulated by the FDA
    What is in herbs? Chemicals – just like pharmaceutical products – except there are many unknown chemicals in herbs and natural products that neither you or I know the identity of. And to say that there are no harmful chemicals in herbs… Let me ask you: Where do the majority of drugs come from?

    If you guessed plant sources, you’d be right. But you don’t get the whole plant. No, you just get the active ingredient and not the thousands of other contaminants.

    If you’re on any other medications, you have a much MUCH better chance of knowing how a drug will interact with another drug rather than another herb. There are studies done on drugs with specific outcomes. These are backed by government regulation.

    If the herbs could show a beneficial effect, beyond placebo, and prove their safety and efficacy, they’d be scooped up by drug makers so fast, you’d see your poor Valerian attached to a prescription.

    You should really look into changing this article.

  4. @ Bone of Contention,

    I do get where you’re coming from. While you’re right herbs are not regulated, what makes you so sure regulation is so great a thing? A lot of drugs have serious side effects, and aren’t these regulated? In fact, if you read the statistics, a lot of drugs approved (and regulated) by the FDA have chalked up many fatal cases due to unexpected side effects. I’m not saying there is no danger in herbs, but this is like comparing apples to oranges. At the end, it is weighing up whether the benefits outweigh the risks, and for everything, you do need to apply moderation and plain ole common sense. This applies for herbs and drugs alike.

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  6. aslas

    Arm your self with an education. Common Sense. The ability to research. I think you would be fine.

  7. @ aslas
    Good points.

  8. Hi Im having trouble finding some natural sleep aids. Any advice on a great product to purchase ?

  9. HelpMe

    I took Hydroxyzine last night and it kept me awake all night long! It sucks!

  10. Ilkka

    I’ve been using Atarax for years, and it’s the only pill I really like. Works for me. Hasn’t been addictive. Help to insomnia – sleep better & longer. If you are looking for “knocking me out” it won’t help for that.

    I use it only occasionally though, because the effect starts to disappear if taken frequently.

  11. Max

    Looking for info on this. I’ve read a bit that Hydroxyzine can cause Tardive Dyskinesia but if I try to research for those specific findings myself I am unable to locate them (the originals) i can find names of the people who supposedly discovered this but not the actual statements. I do not wish to take it if it is linked to TD but not really sure what else I can take that’s safe, for my anxiety and insomnia

  12. T-rev

    Xanax is the best for anxiety, sleep, and depression in my opinion.

  13. Art

    i just found this web site and i see other people with the same issue as i have 😀 i am 37 and the last several years i have been going to bed at around 5 am or so and i plan to change , its never late but i am a chronic insomniac.

  14. DW

    Xanax will do nothing but rob you of your soul and destroy you eventually

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