EMF and electromagnetic radiation effects on health and sleep

An EMF is the invisible electromagnetic field that exists when an electrical current is active and flowing. All electrical objects produce their own EMF fields, but it is not limited to lifeless objects; living things also have their own EMFs which is specific to their own vibration rate.

EMFs are everywhere in our world, but what we should be concerned about are the bad electromagnetic fields which are incompatible with our own, such as that emitted by electronic devices like TVs, computers, fluorescent lights, and cell phones.

The frequency of an EMF is its own unique wavelength, which differs from one object to another. If these frequencies come into contact with our own electromagnetic field, it may produce positive or negative reactions, depending on its type, strength, and duration of exposure.

Electric power lines and EMFsIncreasing numbers of people (including doctors) are beginning to suspect or believe that exposure to EMFs generated by electrical devices lead to a host of health problems. Some of the health problems blamed on EMF exposure include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Vague fatigue
  • Cancers like leukemia
  • Mental fog
  • Hair loss
  • Immune system weakness
  • Skin problems
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems

Many of these health problems show up in people who live near electric power lines likely because of the strong EMF radiation (EMR) being emitted by them. Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy that exhibits both electric and magnetic characteristics unlike nuclear radiation, but should also be well capable of exerting an insidious, negative effect on one’s health. If you’re experiencing health issues, could they be due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation?

Cell phone radiation

The popularity of mobile/cell phones also has its downside, since mobile phones emit radio frequencies (RF) which possess electromagnetic radiation too. Studies have shown a possible link between heavy cell phone usage and cancer. Of particular note here, sleep problems were also experienced by many cell phone users, as are a host of problems similar to those associated with EMF exposure.

All cell phones have a SAR rating, and some models have a relatively lower or higher rating. The SAR or Specific Absorption Rate is the measure of RF energy absorbed by the body when using the particular cell phone and this rating is certified by the FCC. Although the SAR isn’t constant, depending on its transmission band, it is always more prudent to use a cell phone with a lower listed SAR. Here is a list of cell phones ranked with their SAR.

A study has found that heavy exposure to mobile phones shortened stage 3 and 4 sleep as well as REM latency. Other studies found no link between cell phone usage and sleep impairment. I do know if I use my cell phone heavily prior to sleep (like playing some app based games or surfing the web), I will have some difficulty falling asleep later on.

If you believe electromagnetic radiation is capable of causing an array of health problems (including affecting your sleep), now is as good as any time to take steps to reduce your exposure to them such as:

  • Limit your cell phone usage prior to sleep
  • Keep your cell phone at a suitable distance from your body while sleeping
  • Take iodine supplements regularly
  • Try using a cell phone with a relatively lower SAR level.
  • Minimize your usage of your computer or laptop (I know that is tough) – if possible.
  • Wearing or using scalar pendants or shields (considered an unproven method) which are claimed by proponents to afford some protection
  • Using an EMF detector to warn you if you’re being exposed to high levels of EMFs

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